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Earn Money and Expand Your Network on Campus
Fundraise Faster Than Ever With Crowdtilt
Why is it faster?
  • Easy to get started: Setting up a campaign and promoting it only takes seconds.
  • One-Click Donations: Contributing to your fundraiser is easier than anywhere else.
  • Built-In Social Sharing: Donors can easily share your campaign with their friends.
  • All or Nothing Approach: Create the urgency to hit a goal, or no money is raised.
  • Raise More Money: Campaigns on average raise 188% over their goal.
How much is it?
  • Free to get started and Crowdtilt takes a 2.5% fee only if your campaign is successful. Donors cover their own credit card processing.
How have others used Crowdtilt?
  • $10,331 in less than 24 hours to help a student stay in school. See campaign
  • $12,566 in 7 days to create a scholarship. See campaign
  • $99,225 in 18 days to save a school. See campaign
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